The Petzon

Pet Nail Clipper & File


Pet Nail Clipper & File is an easy, safe, and convenient pet nail clipper for home use. Pet nails grow faster. Nails need to be trimmed and filed on regular basis, usually every 3-4 weeks. Overdue nails may raise health issues.

Pet Nail Clipper has sharp stainless steel blades for easy trimming. It comes with a nail file to grind down and shape the nail edges. The handle is made of plastic with skid resistance. Clipper can be locked when not in use. 

  • Sharp Stainless Steel blades
  • Prevent cutting the nail too deeply
  • Long-lasting and durable spring action
  • Nail file for grind down nails
  • Comfortable handle
Product Specifications:
  • Material: Plastic/ Stainless Steel
  • Sizing Chart:  
  • S: 12.5 cm for small and medium dog
  • M: 16 cm for medium and big dogs


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